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Hot pepper Pili-Pili

Very powerful, the hot chilli pepper pili-pili powder or bird's tongue is a spice with character. Spicy and fragrant, it will be the star of your chilli oils. Use in moderation.

"8/10 on the Scoville scale, this hot pepper bears its name perfectly "

Packaging: 20g resealable bag - conservation of flavours.

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  • 20g
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  • What is hot chilli pepper powder?

    Pili-pili is a variety of red chilli pepper. Beware of its small size, it is a powerful pepper that will surprise many. If you can't stand the spicy flavours, it's best to pass your way. Also known as piri-piri, bird's tongue or ndongo, the hot chilli pepper pili-pili powder is grown in various countries, especially in Madagascar, a country known mainly for its excellent vanilla. It was the Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish conquerors who crossed the planet, making the whole world discover the chilli pepper. However, the cultivation of pili-pili pepper has remained the prerogative of Africa.

    What is the flavour of chilli pepper chilli powder?

    The chilli pepper pili-pili powder is perfectly named after him. It has a strength of 8/10 on the Scoville scale, a scale that determines the power of chilli peppers. It is therefore a hot chilli pepper. For comparison, the Espelette chilli pepper is at 4 on this scale while the Cayenne chilli pepper is at 8. Beyond its strength, this spicy spice has notes of pepper and dried tomato.

    Harvesting pili-pili hot chilli pepper in plantations

    The pili-pili plant belongs to the Capsicum frutescens species. Small in size, it reaches about 80 cm. It produces small fruits that are picked when they turn bright red. If it can be eaten fresh, the chilli pepper that I offer you is dried then crushed to obtain a powder as beautiful as it is good.

    How to use pili-pili chilli powder in cooking?

    You have to be a real hot pepper lover to eat pili-pili powder. Sensitive souls abstain. When you think of this chilli pepper, you can immediately imagine a magnificent chilli oil to decorate pizzas. Just put chili-pili powder in olive oil and let the flavors of this chilli pepper spread. You can add some herbs to flavour your preparation (basil, thyme, bay leaf), but also a little garlic. As an aperitif, you can make a sauce with hot chilli pepper pili-pili powder with shallots, honey to sweeten a little, soy sauce and olive oil. This sauce will accompany tortilla chips. In a ratatouille, if you like spicy dishes, the hot chilli pepper pili-pili powder will find its place. Be careful with the dosage, put very little and taste it first.

    The health benefits of chilli pepper chilli powder

    Chili pepper is a real health asset. If some people cannot eat it because of its potency, especially that of chilli pepper chilli powder, it is clear that chilli pepper is extremely healthy. It contains capsaicin, a chemical compound responsible for its strength. This one allows to transform bad fats into good fats, it is thus a perfect ally slimming. Eating pili-pili allows you to absorb vitamins. It is indeed rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Thus, it contributes to bone health, plays a preventive role in the development of cardiovascular disease and strengthens the immune system. Chilli is also rich in trace elements.

    The conservation of the chilli pepper pili-pili powder

    My chilli pepper chilli powder is delivered in a resealable hermetic bag. Keep it away from light and humidity to preserve its taste and virtues.

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