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Tandoori of Northern India

The tandoori spice blend is known to accompany chicken. But in reality, these spices from the north of India come to perfume all your dishes to make them more subtle. Bring taste and colour to your everyday life.

"An Indian blend appreciated by all for its fragrant and pungent flavours"

Composition: Sweet pepper, salt, garlic, hot pepper, coriander, pepper, cumin, celery, mustard, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, clove.

Packaging: Resealable bag - conservation of flavours.

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  • The origins of the tandoori

    The term tandoori comes from the Hindi tândouri. In India, and more particularly in the Punjab region, a specific oven is used: the tandour. Here, food is often cooked on a spit in an extinguished oven in which embers have been heated for several hours. Aesthetically, this oven looks like a bread oven. Tandoori spices therefore come to us from the north of India. In this region, gastronomy occupies an extremely important place and the spices are very much appreciated for their ability to bring taste to all dishes. Tandoori chicken is well known, of course, but the spices I am proposing are also used in India to cook other meats such as lamb. Like curry or garam masala, tandoori is a blend of Indian spices that is popular across borders. The French in particular are very fond of this blend composed of sweet pepper, salt, garlic, hot pepper, coriander, pepper, cumin, celery, mustard, rosemary, caraway, thyme, bay leaf and cloves. If I offer you this recipe, you should know that in reality there are different possible combinations to make your own tandoori according to the taste of each one. Moreover, if you go to India, you will find different recipes.

    A matter of taste

    The tandoori is a spice blend that is tasty. It is very fragrant with herbs such as rosemary, thyme and bay leaf. It is also spicy, of course, with here the combination of two chilli peppers. Perfectly prepared, it offers a subtle blend of flavours that will change your vision of the dishes you traditionally cook. In addition, the tandoori with its beautiful red or even brown colour will bring colour to your dishes. After all, isn't it said that you eat first with your eyes?

    Tandoori in the kitchen

    Of course, when talking about tandoori, it is impossible not to mention the famous tandoori chicken. Roasted in the oven, it is seasoned with this blend of spices that makes all the difference. Ideally, it is advisable to marinate your chicken in the spices a few hours before putting it in the oven. For a milder taste and softer meat, mix the spices into yoghurt or coconut milk. This is how you will reveal all the flavours of tandoori. You can do the same thing with chicken aiguillettes, turkey escalope, etc. The tandoori also goes perfectly with fish. Imagine beautiful shrimps or prawns marinated in olive oil with tandoori. Make skewers and put them on the barbecue, it's delicious. With vegetables, basmati rice or potatoes, here again the tandoori spice mix is just right.

    The conservation of this spice

    The tandoori, like most spices, has little appreciation of temperature differences and light. Keep my tandoori sachet away from light in a cupboard or place it in an opaque container.

    The virtues of the tandoori

    Spices are good for your health. It is also advisable to use them instead of salt, which in too large quantities impacts the arteries and causes water retention. The tandoori is composed of sweet and hot pepper. It is thus a source of vitamins C, B6 and K, but also of iron, copper and manganese. It improves digestion and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cumin has relaxing properties and facilitates falling asleep. As for herbs, they have antioxidant properties. With a tandoori blend, you will be able to indulge your taste buds while preserving your body.

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