Smoked Viking salt

David Vanille's opinion: Taste of the Nordic countries, par excellence. Discover through this aromatic salt all the richness of Scandinavian gastronomic culture, since its origins.

Food pairing: Gratins, eggs, fish, meat. Aromatic everyday cuisine

Packaging: 100 gr
Composition: Aromatic salt, colouring E150a, smoke flavours
Dosage: 1 to 2 pinches per plate.

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    The Viking people, who enjoyed their glory days from the 8th to the 11th centuries, tend to arouse curiosity, admiration and questioning.

    As impressive as they were when they fought, the Vikings were a people for whom hospitality and friendliness were two essential values. In particular, it is known that denying someone food was a very badly perceived act within the community and was often accompanied by punishment by the Jarl (Viking Earl).

    From Viking traditions, we are beginning to discover, through archaeological research and exploration in Scandinavian countries, some elements related to the art of war, the economy, daily life, as well as Viking gastronomy.

    Thus it was discovered, in particular, that the Vikings ate two large meals during the day: at 9 a.m., the "Dogurdr" and at 9 p.m., the "Nattverdr". The day could eventually be interspersed with small snacks, depending on the work done and the resources available.

    We also know a little more about their diet: their basic food was a crispy cereal cake, and, depending on the season, hunting or fishing returns, they could eat meat (sheep, pork, goat, poultry, and for the wealthiest beef), as well as fish (herring, cod, sturgeon, and sometimes salmon, mussels or oysters), but also vegetables, berries and spices. When they did not immediately prepare them as stews or grilled, the Vikings put these delicacies into smoking or salting in order to keep them for several weeks or even months.

    Legend has it that one winter day, more precisely in Morsügür, within a Viking tribe, a group of fishermen brought back pieces that they were able to cut out of the remains of a whale stranded on a nearby beach. However, the salting room was already filled with the parts of the 8 pigs, 21 goats and 37 sheep that the common breeding counted and that had been slaughtered at the beginning of autumn, as every year. The young Lothar, at the age of 14, was asked to make the necessary space to put in a safe place this precious food that would bring warmth during the long winter evenings. He then decided to move many pieces from the herd into the smoking room, without worrying that they had already been salted... Lothar having received the trust of the rest of the tribe, the urgency being to put these pieces of whale away, nobody paid much attention to them.

    But when she was preparing her meal, one of the matriarchs, Berghild, felt that this leg of lamb had a rather peculiar, rather unusual smell... She decided to prepare this piece of meat, but strongly feared the reactions of the table, once the dish was served... What a surprise when she saw each person at the table adorning himself with an eye as questioning as she was delighted. Mix the iodized taste of salt with the flavours of smoke? Why didn't you think of that before? We can therefore thank Lothar for his clumsiness and Berghild for his risk-taking, because it resulted in the design (this time voluntary!) of a flavoured salt that is now called the Smoked Salt of the Vikings

    If this recipe was long forgotten, we owe this rediscovery to various researchers in archaeology and medieval history, and we thank them for it!

    Today, Viking Smoked Salt is a must in Scandinavian cuisine, and like any aromatic salt, it can be easily used in everyday cooking. Its recipe has certainly evolved over the centuries and tastes, a little like a curry, but it remains a real ally for any gourmet.



    Viking Smoked Salt, like any aromatic salt, has the advantage of being usable in a large number of preparations, whether for everyday meals or festive tables.

    On the nose and in the mouth, this combination of iodine flavours reminiscent of sea spray and the palette of smoke that plunges us directly into the heart of the Scandinavian forests will capture you. Strength and spell are on the agenda!

    You can use it as your daily salt on any dish to which you would like to give smoky flavours.

    Its smoky aroma of the forests of the far north and sea spray is striking. Both strong and delicate, this Viking salt goes very well with potatoes, soft-boiled eggs and salmon, of course.

    He will also be able to contribute to the making of wonderful marinades.


    In the Nordic countries, Viking Smoked Salt is used daily on simple dishes such as eggs, potatoes and fish.

    For your meat, fish and seafood :

    Viking Smoked Salt will be the perfect seasoning for all your white meats and poultry. Indeed, it will be a great accompaniment to a Pork Roast, Lamb Leg or Roast Chicken. In a traditional Scandinavian spirit, offer your guests a delicious Bakerens Lam (Baker's Lamb). You can use it as a sprinkle on these dishes, but also as a marinade for your Turkey Skewers or Pork Ribs that are destined to be grilled on the barbecue.

    Fish will of course be in the spotlight with this aromatic salt. The star will be Salmon (from Norway), which you can prepare as a steak or whole, in the oven, or according to the Gravelax Salmon recipe. You can also offer a Norwegian cod and its Butternut purée or Fiskekake (fish cakes). This salt is ideal for any seafood preparation such as mussels, oysters or shrimps.

    For your eggs :

    All your egg-based preparations will be enhanced by sprinkling a little of this aromatic salt on top. From an egg (chicken or goose) to a shell to a Girolles omelette, not forgetting delicious flat eggs with a touch of fresh cream, Viking smoked salt will conquer the palates of young and old alike.

    For your vegetables :

    In Scandinavia, Viking Smoked Salt is used mainly to season all potato dishes. Enhance your Dauphinois Gratins, Soups and other Vegetable Spoons by using this aromatic salt sparingly. It will also be ideal on all your raw vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, radishes, beets, etc.)

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