Spice mixture - Caribbean salt

David Vanille's opinion: The perfect blend of the West Indies with Colombo. Discover the warm flavours typical of this archipelago by integrating this aromatic salt into your cuisine. A wonderful sweet and sour atmosphere. A superb spicy blend

Food pairing: Fish, shellfish, white meats and vegetables.

Packaging: 40 gr

Composition: Salt, wheat dextrose, paprika, cumin, fennel, sunflower oil, colourings E160c, E120, Antioxidants E301, E300, flavourings.

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    This holiday in the West Indies will be forever etched in your memory, certainly! How can you remain insensitive to these breathtaking landscapes, these turquoise waters lined with white sand, these hikes around Le Morne Michot, Les Chutes du Carbet, the Salines de la Pointe des Châteaux, and all the discoveries you have made about Creole culture!

    Of course, you would have dreamed of visiting all the islands that make up this archipelago, but you would have needed much more time for that! So you were alleviating your frustration by already preparing your next roadmap.

    In the meantime, to prolong the pleasure, you have decided to go through Creole cuisine, and especially this star Caribbean seasoning, which you discovered on the spot: Caribbean Salt.

    In the Caribbean Archipelago, this blend of salt, spices and herbs is the darling of cuisine with its counterpart, Colombo. This means that its main characteristic will be to bring softness and sunshine to your dishes! Caribbean salt is a real Caribbean specialty.

    Each of the islands that make up the Caribbean Archipelago has its own salt works. These began to be exploited during the 17th century. It is said that during a damage, a caravel literally overturned. It carried salt, sugar, spices and herbs. The whole thing having mixed completely, it should have been useful to avoid waste. This unfortunate accident is finally a good omen since this unexpected assembly turned out to be a wonderful seasoning for the entire Creole salty cuisine!



    This Caribbean Salt will enchant you first of all by its warm and bewitching colour. An amber red that will take you non-stop to the Caribbean islands.

    On the nose, you will quickly be informed of the seasoning powers of this Caribbean Salt: paprika, cumin and fennel will give you the keys to its association in the kitchen. A smoky base note is also present.

    On the palate, you will experience a real fireworks display of flavours: the ingredients of this blend will appear simultaneously to your palate. The salt will open the dance, followed by spices and herbs (paprika, cumin and fennel), then a sweet sweetness will give you a break before the spicy finish with a medium length in the mouth.

    This blend is ideal when preparing typical Creole dishes, but also for any dish ready to experience a sweet and salty flight.

    Whether you want to cook in a pan, in the oven or on the barbecue, Caribbean Salt will deliver all its flavours to the dishes on which you have sprinkled it sparingly.


    With this superb blend of delicately salty-sweet flavours you can prepare all the typical dishes of the West Indies.

    Creole atmosphere :

    Let's start with an aperitif where your guests can enjoy your best Ti Punch recipe. To be able to enjoy the moment in a friendly atmosphere, you will have prepared delicious chicken colombo, as well as Bonbons Piments and some Accras de Pravettes. If these dishes are destined to be a great success with your guests, it is because you have scrupulously chosen the ingredients that make them up, including this delicious Caribbean Salt.

    You have conquered the palaces of young and old, and have been able to get them on board on "Air Caraïbes"? Then let's continue the journey with some great classics of Creole cuisine that will see their flavours multiplied and rounded thanks to the salty-sweet aspect of Caribbean Salt. You can treat each of your guests, whatever their culinary preference. For meat lovers, you will prepare a Rougail Sausages, a sublime Boucané Chicken or a surprising Roussi Pig and Pois d'Angole. Fans of iodine flavours will also be pleasantly surprised when it comes to savouring tasty Crab Maté, a Shrimp Curry or a sublime Colombo de Poisson Créole that you will have previously seasoned with Caribbean Salt.

    Creole vegetables will also have their moment of glory if you add this Caribbean Salt to them. Make delicious Vegetable Achards, a succulent Rice with red beans, or a warm Sweet Potato Gratin.

    If this salt is ideal for all your Creole dishes, it will surprise you with its sweet and salty flavour (which, in the case of a grilled dish, will bring a touch of caramel), which it confers on each dish in which you use it.

    So I invite you to try this salt when you make your sauces from tomatoes, but also in any type of broth, Creole sauce or even by mixing it with coconut milk.

    This salt is sufficient on its own and in half a spoonful sprinkled on top, it will give your steamed vegetables a unique flavour.

    Similarly, your raw vegetables will be particularly appreciated if you add some of this succulent Caribbean Salt to their vinaigrette sauce.

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