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American-style shrimps

American-style shrimps

Easy - 5 Min

  • Dish type: Salty
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Preparation time: 5 min
  • Cooking time: 8 min

Ideal and gourmet for the aperitif, a simple recipe that takes only a few minutes to make. You can make the shrimp flambé in front of your guests for a guaranteed effect!


For 4 people

400g of shrimps

Half a lime

8cl of whisky

5g of my spice

mixture Black pepper of your choice (spicy, fruity, aromatic, strong)

Used product(s) :

American Barbecue - Red Meats and Hamburgers

Kampot black pepper PGI - Cambodia

Tangerine Pepper - Nepal

Timut Pepper - Nepal

Niora Crushed Pepper - Spain

Products of the recipe

American Barbecue - Red Meats and Hamburgers

Quantity :

Price : 3,45 €tax incl.

Out of stock Kampot black pepper PGI - Cambodia

Quantity :

Price : 4,60 €tax incl.

Out of stock Tangerine Pepper - Nepal

Quantity :

Price : 4,90 €tax incl.

Out of stock Timut Pepper - Nepal

Quantity :

Price : 6,90 €tax incl.

Niora Crushed Pepper - Spain

Quantity :

Price : 2,70 €tax incl.


Shell your shrimp and cut them on the back for easy cooking.

Sauté your shrimp in a base of hazelnut butter.

Flambé your shrimp with whisky.

Pour a lemon juice over your shrimp.

Put your tasty spice mixture on your shrimp.

Taste it is excellent!