Piña Colada - the Best Recipe

Piña Colada - the Best Recipe

Easy - 5 Min

  • style Dish type : Sweet
  • poll Difficulty : Easy
  • access_time Preparation time : 5 min
  • timer Cooking time : 0 min
  • place Region : West Indies
  • euro_symbol Cost : €11.98


A mythical cocktail from the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for the best recipe for piña colada, know that it comes from Puerto Rico where it was invented.

Please buy coconut cream and not coconut milk if you want to taste a real Piña Colada.

Puerto Ricans like to add a touch of spice to their coconut cream, you'll see, it makes all the difference.

Have a good tasting!


For 4 glasses

25cl of Rum

35cl of Pineapple juice

25cl of coconut cream

3g of my spice
blend A real difference to highlight rum and coconut cream

8 ice cubes


Put all the ingredients in the blender for one minute for a smooth finish.

Ready to enjoy;)