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Penja Black Pepper - Cameroon

Discover a rare black pepper of exception that you will not find everywhere. Produced in small quantities, this Penja pepper is sorted by hand to offer you only the best. You will fall under the charm of its warm flavours

"A black pepper from Cameroon to be discovered, superb aromatic"

Origin - Plantations : Cameroon - Mungo region.

Packaging: 20g resealable bag - conservation of flavours.

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  • 20g
  • 100g

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  • What is black Penja pepper?

    Black Penja pepper is grown in Cameroon. Penja is indeed a city in the department of Mungo in the west of the country. However, this pepper was not originally grown in Cameroon. It was a banana planter, Antoine Decré, who came up with the idea of planting piper negrum from India in the region, believing that the soil could be suitable for growing pepper. It is thanks to him that the town of Penja was able to acquire a worldwide reputation for this pepper. In addition, Penja pepper was awarded the first appellation of controlled origin in sub-Saharan Africa in 2013. However, while this product has a very good reputation and a taste that has attracted many consumers, locals prefer to grow bananas, which are less complex and take less time to produce. As a result, Penja black pepper is a rare product. Its production is extremely confidential in relation to world pepper production.

    What is the flavour of black Penja pepper?

    Penja black pepper is a product with notes of undergrowth, warm and musky. This pepper stands out in your kitchen with its rich flavours and strong character. Powerful and aromatic, this black pepper is ideal for lovers of spicy spices.

    Harvesting of black Penja pepper in plantations

    The piper negrum, or black pepper plant, is a creeper on which berries grow. This is how the Penja black pepper blossoms on lianas in the heart of nature. This pepper is harvested green and dried in the sun. This step allows the water in the berries to evaporate. Wrinkles appear and the peppercorns turn black. They are then sorted by hand to collect only the noblest grains.

    How to use black Penja pepper in cooking?

    Black pepper is a little marvel that can be used in many preparations, from aperitif to dessert. We can imagine it to come to perfume and give character to a goat's cheese on toast as an aperitif. As a starter, it will spice up all your soups and salads, but also your cold meats. A little pepper powder on a dried filet mignon or on a dry ham on a tomato and cheese bruschetta will give another dimension to this simple dish. Of course, we can only imagine the black Penja pepper coming to spice up all our meats and fish. Do you like spicy flavours? Make a delicious pepper sauce by preserving the peppercorns with flour, butter, a beef stock cube and vinegar. Of course, you can crush or grind them to your liking. For dessert, there again there are recipes to discover with Cameroon black pepper. A chocolate fondant, a chocolate mousse, strawberries in balsamic vinegar with a bit of Penja pepper is simply surprising.

    Health benefits of black Penja pepper

    The virtues of pepper are no longer to be proven. Containing piperine, it is perfect to fight against depression and promote sleep since it stimulates the production of endorphins. Some people recognize its aphrodisiac virtues like chocolate or vanilla. Pepper also has digestive properties.

    The conservation of black Penja pepper

    Penja black pepper comes in an airtight bag. I advise you to place it away from light and humidity. If you plan to grind it, place it in an opaque pepper pot.

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