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Szechuan Green Pepper - China

If it reminds us of Sansho pepper, Sichuan pepper is a berry with very floral citrus notes. Bring freshness to your recipes and surprise your guests until dessert.

"A pepper which is not a pepper, but which deserves to be discovered"

Packaging : Resealable bag - conservation of flavours.

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  • What is green Szechuan pepper?

    Green Szechuan pepper comes to us, as its name suggests, from a province of China, Sichuan. Despite its name, it is not really a pepper, but a berry that belongs to the rutaceae family. It belongs to the genus Zanthoxylum piperitum in the same way as Sansho pepper. This difference is also marked by the fact that it is not the kernel that is exploited, but its shell. The visual difference is obvious. This shell, which is called pericarp, can be used whole by letting it infuse. You can of course crush or grind it according to the recipe you wish to make. Szechuan pepper is one of the oldest spices in China. It occupies a major place in Szechuan, Cantonese and Tibetan cuisine. It was imported to Europe by Marco Polo to become a spice that cannot be ignored in Venice before disappearing from European kitchens until the 19th century. It was then that botanists put it back in the spotlight and today it is favoured by great chefs.

    What is the flavour of Szechuan pepper?

    Citrus fruits belong to the rutaceae family. This may explain the lime notes of this unique pepper. There are also very floral green tea notes. We appreciate the freshness of this green Szechuan pepper that will enhance your dishes. Since it is not really a pepper, it does not bring this spicy side that one could imagine, but rather slightly acid flavours. Green Szechuan pepper is reminiscent of combawa powder.

    The harvest of Szechuan pepper in the plantations

    Produced on a Zanthoxylum piperitum, Szechuan green pepper is a berry that is harvested before maturity. It is then dried so that the seed is released and only the pericarp, that part of the berry that enveloped the seed, remains.

    How to use Szechuan pepper in cooking

    In cooking, Szechuan green pepper is great. It brings so much freshness with its citrus notes. Of course, you can combine it with meats, especially as Szechuan cuisine offers us beautiful recipes for spicy pork or chicken. However, unlike traditional green pepper, it is more with fish and other seafood that it will marry. Thus, it is possible to imagine a fish with chilli and Sichuan pepper to bring spiciness and freshness to your dish. Accompanied by vegetables from the sun, your fish will be delicious. The Szechuan-style fish pot will also be decorated with green Szechuan pepper for its citrus notes. Mackerel, cod, coconut milk, zucchini, carrots and other shallots, a few spices, it is enough to make a dish of very good quality. This pepper also finds its place in your desserts. Lime and coconut Bavarian with a chocolate ganache and a little pepper, panna cotta on a bed of clementines with Sichuan green pepper, try original recipes to highlight this berry.

    The health benefits of Szechuan pepper

    Szechuan berry is used by Chinese doctors to treat dental and skin problems. They use the husk. As this berry is not a pepper, it does not contain piperine which has many virtues.

    Preservation of Szechuan pepper

    Delivered in an airtight resealable bag, my Szechuan pepper should preferably be kept away from light and humidity.

    Origin of this Sichuan pepper in China

    Other names for green Sichuan pepper Chinese pepper, mountain pepper, Qin state pepper

    Green Szechuan pepper: is it spicy? No, it is not a pepper, but a berry.

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