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Assam Pepper - India

A pretty peppercorn that looks like a small blackberry that will seduce you both by its appearance and by its bewitching taste with smoky and fruity notes at the same time. Let yourself be seduced by this cousin of the long pepper.

"A wild berry that will seduce the most discerning palates with its smoky and fruity notes "

Pairings in the kitchen: Savoury dishes and desserts.

Origin - Plantations: Far North East India.

Packaging: 10g resealable bag - conservation of aromas.

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  • 10g
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  • What is Assam pepper?

    Assam pepper comes from India. If you've ever travelled to this country, you may be familiar with the name. Assam is a region in northeastern India near Bhutan and Bangladesh. It is in the Brahmaputra Valley where Assam pepper can be harvested. This name is also evocative for tea lovers, as Assam black tea is also a very fine quality product with a strong and invigorating taste. From the long pepper family, it comes from the Piper mullesua which is a subspecies of the Piper longum. Although it belongs to this family, it has a shorter form reminiscent of the blackberry. It shares with it this wild side which makes all its charm. When crushed, it looks like small sesame seeds that come to perfume your preparations and seduce the most expert taste buds.

    What does Assam pepper taste like?

    Assam pepper is a very complex spice. It presents smoky notes while bringing a light fruity taste which pulls at times on citrus fruits and in particular lime. You will be seduced by its herbaceous scent and its freshness, which is reminiscent of Japanese dashi, the famous broth of Japanese cuisine, which is the base of miso soup. Assam pepper is both powerful and subtle. I strongly advise you to discover it to bring this fresh and peppery note to your cooking.

    Harvesting Assam pepper from plantations

    There are no specific Assam pepper plantations. Indeed, like blackberries, it is above all a wild product. This is what makes it so charming. This raw, assertive product, which develops as it wishes according to the desires of nature, is all that we like. Assam pepper is harvested in the region of the same name in India. It grows on a climbing vine and develops in bunches. Green pepper, black pepper, white pepper, the colour varies depending on when it is harvested and how it is dried. When it is picked when ripe, it is dried in the sun according to ancestral methods. It is this drying process that makes all the difference in terms of taste. The Assam pepper then develops all its aromas in the most natural way possible.

    How to use Assam pepper in cooking?

    Assam pepper comes in the form of a berry that can be used raw. However, you can also crush it to make mignonette pepper or grind it, it retains its properties and flavors. It really depends on the dish you wish to taste. Assam pepper goes perfectly with a lot of ingredients. It spices up vegetables such as carrots or ancient vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes and parsnips. In a frying pan or in puree, these vegetables are sublimated by Assam pepper which brings them both freshness and the full-bodied taste of pepper. Naturally, this pepper finds its place in all your meat dishes to stimulate your taste buds: red meats, white meats, accompany your meal with a delicious homemade pepper sauce. White fish will also be accompanied by Assam pepper. In a blanquette of veal simmered for a long time, add Assam pepper at the last moment, it will change everything. Its very fragrant and smoky taste goes perfectly with desserts. Its wild berries will delicately spice up a chocolate mousse or even a fruit salad. No need to put a lot of it so that the aromatic power of this pepper will awaken your taste buds at dessert time.

    The health benefits of Assam pepper

    Pepper is an extremely healthy condiment known for its ability to facilitate digestion. Tasting Assam pepper also helps your respiratory system. Its berries are widely used by the Indians in the treatment of asthma in particular. Of course, it is not a question of substituting this pepper for a treatment, but it allows you to opt for a natural method in parallel. The antioxidant virtues of Assam pepper are also recognized, which helps to limit the aging of cells.

    Preservation of Assam pepper

    Delivered in a resealable bag, it can be stored in it away from light at room temperature. If you wish to grind it, you can also place it in a pepper shaker, preferably opaque. Origin of this pepper India, Assam region, Brahmaputra valley Other names of Assam Hill pepper, Piper brachystachyum, Piper guigual Assam pepper: is it spicy? No, Assam pepper is more distinguished by its fresh and fruity notes.

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