Vanilla beans : price per kg

What's Vanilla's price by weight?

Vanilla's price by weight increases or decreases every year. Why is that?

Why does Vanilla's price by weight shoot up or dramatically fall down?

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1. Vanilla's price per kg - Manufacturers

The Vanilla market is complex; you need to be an expert and take every factor into account when analysing it.

The biggest clients on the market are part of the agri-food industry as Vanilla is the most bought aroma in the world. Far behind here are the second and thrid aromas : coffee and cocoa. Many industrial manufacturers use genuine Vanilla to create Vanilla ice-creams, yoghurts and desserts. It is even used in the manufacturing sodas. Coca-Cola is the biggest Vanilla buyer on the market as it represents 10% of purchases yearly. They buy Vanilla under different states : ground vanilla, vanilla extract, and natural vanilla flavour.
Industrial manufacturers can also use Vanilla substitutes such as synthetic vanillin, natural vanillin derived from fermented rice or clove for example. You need to remember that these alternatives won't ever be able to match the taste of a genuine Vanilla bean.

Vanille de Madagascar

2. Climate's change has a direct impact on the Vanilla market

Climate change, and more generally wheather, has a big impact on the harvests. For example, the storm that devastated Madagascar not so long ago destroyed parts of the Vanilla plants in the North-East region of the island. As madagascan vanilla respresents 80% of the world's supply, the consequences were felt all around the globe. It only took a few hours fro the storm to destroy years and years of the local communities' work. The Vanilla market is instantly disrupted when / if Madagascar, Indonesia, Papuas new Guinea and India face any natural disaster.

3. The new clients : China and Brazil

Vanilla has a bewitching flavour which is one of the most popular sweet tastes in the world, alongside chocolate. Who can resit a genuine Vanilla beans loaded with ice-cream craving? I sure can't!
Another Vanilla's assest is how easy it is to use it. It sublimates any meal whether it's savory or sweet.
China and Brazil recently fell in love with Vanilla. The consumption of Vanilla in those countries started to drastically rise after a few years. As a result, the demand rose by 3% mondially for the past years and is on the verge of accelerating. This is why Vanilla's price by weight is a stabilising way higher thah a few years ago.

4. Vanilla's quality

Vanilla's quality and price can vary between two plants in the same country. It depends on :

  • The humidity rate
  • The production area
  • The beans' ripening
  • The vanillin level
  • The overall aromatic range of the bean

5. Beyond Vanilla's price by weight - THE SECRET

A Vanilla bean's quality can't be deduced only by its origin. A madagascan Vanilla bean isn't always a great and tasteful bean.
Another key to a better understanding of Vanilla's secrets is "keep on trying, learning and tasting".
I keep on learning everyday by carefuly choosing my producers and pickers from all over the globe and keeping in touch with them 24/7.

Just like with wine, every country's production has its own uniqueness and qualities.
Just like with wine and gastronomy as a whole, loving what you do and wanting to offer the best product you can is key.

Lover is the mother of passion but also a life's calling.
I want to improve my selection every day to help you discover the best of the best of the Vanilla plants.

My life is dedicated to my three passions : my partner, my child and Vanilla.

importation de vanille