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Vanilla Bean: Price per Kilo

What is the price per kilo of Vanilla beans?

Every year, the price per kilo of vanilla beans goes up or down.

How is that possible?

How do we arrive at price explosions or price crises on a kilo of vanilla beans?

Vanille Bourbon Gold de Madagascar - Prices for professionals according to quantity

I offer you Bourbon Gold Vanilla from Madagascar 406€ht per kg and 396ht/kg by 5kg
It is available in two calibres 14-16cm and +17cm.
DHL express delivery included in Europe.

Gourmet Tahitensis Vanilla and Brown Extracted Vanilla - Papua New Guinea - Wholesale prices

1. The price of Vanilla per kilo - Les Industriels

The vanilla market is an expert market. There are many, many parameters that need to be taken into account.

The food industry is the largest consumer of vanilla beans. Vanilla is the first flavour used worldwide.
It is clearly ahead of the natural aromas of coffee and cocoa.
Many industrial recipes include real vanilla beans for the manufacture of their ice cream, yoghurt and desserts.
This can be in the form of vanilla powder, vanilla extracts, natural vanilla flavourings.
It is also used in some beverages, for example, Coca-Cola is the world's largest consumer of vanilla, consuming an average of 10% of the world's production.

Industrial recipes can be changed with vanilla substitutes (synthetic vanillin, natural vanillin extracted from the fermentation of rice, cloves, etc.).
It takes a considerable amount of time to change a recipe validated in the industry (standards, sourcing, taste quality of the final rendering).
Synthetic vanilla can in no way replace the accuracy and aromatic amplitude of real vanilla beans.
Manufacturers who use vanilla beans know this. They also know the tastes of the consumers and their palates

Vanille de Madagascar

2. Climate change has a direct impact on vanilla prices

Harvests are also subject, more and more, to climatic hazards.
Recently, Madagascar experienced a cyclone that devastated part of the vanilla plantations in the northeast of the country, the SAVA.
For this region, which produces 80% of the world's supply, it has been terrible.
All of the work that had been done over the past few years was swept away in a matter of hours.

If Indonesia, Papua, India or Madagascar faces a natural disaster in one of these production areas, the vanilla market reacts immediately.

3. New vanilla consuming countries - China and Brazil

For several years now, Chinese and Brazilians have fallen in love with vanilla.
Vanilla consumption in these countries has exploded. This aroma so feminine and bewitching is appreciated, like chocolate, by the majority of palates worldwide.
It's hard to resist the call of an ice cream made with real vanilla beans or a dessert with vanilla.

Vanilla has the advantage of being easy to marry in the kitchen.
It goes equally well with sweet or savoury dishes (vanilla chicken, curry-vanilla scallops).

Global demand, which had been growing at 3% in recent years, is now accelerating.
This means that the price of vanilla per kilo has stabilised at a much higher level than a few years ago.

4. The Quality of Vanilla

The price of vanilla can vary significantly within the same country.

Then we'll have to focus on:

  • The humidity level
  • The production area
  • Pod ripeness
  • Their vanillin content
  • Their overall aromatic

5. Beyond the price of vanilla per kilo - LE SECRET

It is not because a vanilla bean comes from Madagascar or Papua New Guinea that it will be excellent or not.
As with wine, there are many different qualities in each country.
The secret to understanding and knowing the vanilla market is to keep learning.
Learning with his colleagues, through samples, long months of sourcing, daily contacts with producers and collectors ...

As with the great wines of our vineyards and gastronomy in general, a love of the profession and a willingness to do well is key.

From love comes passion and sometimes the story of a life. The quest for ever finer quality, new aromas, vanilla pleasure.

I decided to dedicate my life to my two passions: my girlfriend and vanilla

importation de vanille