Green Bamboo Salt Hawaiian Jade

Hawaï - Île de Molokaï - USA Rare and high-end

We are proud to present our "Bamboo Jade" Green Hawaiian Sea Salt, a blend of Hawaiian salt crystals from the waters off the island of Molokai, and bamboo leaf extract. This unique combination creates a sea salt with a distinctive green color and exceptional flavor.

Our Green Hawaiian Sea Salt "Bamboo Jade" offers a subtle, balanced salinity with refreshing herbal notes reminiscent of the flavor of verbena and Matcha green tea. This unique, delicate flavor adds a touch of sophistication to all your dishes.

Use our "Bamboo Jade" Hawaiian Green Sea Salt to enhance the flavor of seafood such as shrimp or oysters, or to sublimate salads, sautéed vegetables or rice dishes. It's also ideal for seasoning light meats, such as grilled chicken or pork. Its natural green color adds a touch of color to your culinary presentation, while its subtle, delicate taste will surprise your taste buds.

Green Hawaiian Sea Salt "Bamboo Jade" is much appreciated by world-renowned chefs for its unique taste and exceptional quality. We invite you to use it in your recipes for an unforgettable taste experience. Try it now and discover how this Hawaiian sea salt can enhance your dishes.

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Rare and high-end
Hawaï - Île de Molokaï - USA