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Goji blend "Greedy and Tonus"

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You'll love my Gourmand et Tonus mix, just like we did at David Vanille. Pleasant flavors that make you want to throw yourself on the package, incredible virtues to give you energy, your bag of dried fruit will never leave you.

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Mix Gourmand et Tonus : fill up with energy

You need energy and wish to satisfy your greed ? My Greedy and Tonus mix is made for you!

Dried fruits are a little gustatory wonder and a treasure of benefits for the body. I propose you here a mixture composed of physalis, goji berries, cranberries and white mulberries. A concentrate of flavor and energy to be enjoyed in the morning to give you a boost for the day, before or during an effort. We're not going to lie to you, you'll certainly sin out of greed and hit the packet for no reason, just for the pleasure. But don't worry, dried fruits are very healthy, they are much better than cakes rich in fat and sugar. Here, you benefit from the natural sugars of the components of this delicious mix

The nutritional qualities of the Gourmand et Tonus mix

This mixture Gourmand et Tonus will seduce you by its nutritional qualities.

The virtues of physalis :

- source of flavonoids, phosphorus, pectin and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6 and B12, it strengthens the immune system
- rich in antioxidants, it fights against cell aging
- its beta-carotene content helps maintain strong bones
- source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it prevents cardiovascular diseases
The virtues of the goji berry
- high calcium content to fight against osteoporosis
- regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels
- rich in antioxidants, it fights against free radicals
- rich in vitamin C, it helps fight against fatigue

The virtues of the cranberry:

- rich in antioxidants, it fights against cell aging
- a recent study shows its ability to reduce the viability of prostate cancer cells thanks to its pro anthocyanidin content
- increases good cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease thanks to flavonoids
- prevents urinary tract infections
- source of vitamin C to strengthen immunity

The virtues of the white mulberry:

- rich in antioxidants to prevent the effects of aging
- rich in vitamin C and iron to fight against fatigue, stress and anemia
- natural antibiotic and bactericide.

Sportsmen's corner

Sportsmen and dried fruits are a great love story. The composition of my Gourmand et Tonus mixture will delight you while optimizing your performance in the most natural way possible. No added sugar, you discover a 100% natural mixture. Rich in proteins and vitamins, it helps to fight against fatigue and stress and allows you to fill up with energy to better support the effort.

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