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You have been eating peanuts since you were a child, but do you really know what they taste like? Peanuts can be found in many different forms: roasted, salted, grilled and dry-roasted.
I offer you a high quality peanut that allows you to discover or rediscover the unique flavor of this peanut: a fresh, unroasted peanut. Clearer, it is also healthier, with no added salt. The peanut is exposed in front of you to offer you exceptional flavors.

My advice:
Take the time to roast your fresh peanuts in a pan for 5 minutes. Your recipes will be even more delicious

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Exceptional fresh unroasted peanuts

The peanut is the star of the aperitif. All guests are eager to eat this peanut, which is not a nut, but a plant.

You can continue to enjoy it as an aperitif with cashews and other almonds, but you can also consider using it in cooking, the peanut goes perfectly with many recipes

Where does fresh unroasted peanut come from?

Arachis hypogaea is a plant from the legume family, Fabaceae. Surprisingly enough and not always known by everyone, the peanut grows in the ground. Adapted to a tropical and subtropical climate, it is actually a real chameleon since it can also be produced in France.

The plant gives fruits in a beige pod of about 3 to 4 cm long. This ribbed pod contains two peanuts. The peanut can be sold in this way or shelled without undergoing further processing as I propose today

Nutritional values of the fresh unroasted peanut

This peanut often confused with nuts has some points in common with them. Peanuts are much better for your health than you might think. However, be careful not to abuse it. As with nuts, a reasonable consumption of fresh, unprocessed and unsalted peanuts can have a positive effect on your health.

Let's start by looking at the nutritional values of peanuts to see more clearly.

Average content
Calories 636 Protein 25,9 g Carbohydrates 14,8 g Fat 49,6 g -saturated 9,4 g -monounsaturated 20,2 g -polyunsaturated 15,1 g Cholesterol 0,0 mg Dietary fiber 6 g

Thanks to its high concentration of magnesium, folates, vitamins E, copper and arginine, the peanut favors the cardiovascular health Rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, it promotes good fat and reduces LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

And that's not all. Eating fresh unsalted peanuts helps to :
- prevent free radical damage thanks to its richness in manganese;
- promote the formation of hemoglobins thanks to copper;
- transform carbohydrates, lipids and proteins into energy thanks to vitamin B3

The corner of the sportsmen

Rich in proteins (more than 25 g per 100 g), peanuts are the ally of sportsmen. It reduces fatigue and stress and thus promotes performance. Sports enthusiasts can eat fresh peanuts, but also peanut butter, which is rich in energy

Fresh, unroasted peanuts on your plate

Peanuts are not just for snacking. This peanut has its place in various sweet and savory recipes:

- baked with spices and a little oil;
- with chicken, coconut milk and lemongrass;
- in Chinese salads with nuoc mam;
- in sauces (satay sauce for example);
- in a chocolate brownie;
- in homemade peanut butter.

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