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Shelled Pistachios - Premium

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With my unsalted shelled pistachios, I offer you a dried fruit that will make you rediscover the taste of the natural pistachio. Do you like original recipes? The pistachio will become the future star of your kitchen.

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Exceptional shelled pistachios

Discover my Premium Whole Pistachios, a dried fruit that has been acclaimed for its unique taste and its ability to seduce your taste buds in all circumstances. Eaten raw or slipped into your best recipes, the pistachio is a little natural treasure that can be distinguished by its oval shell and its pretty green color. This oleaginous fruit will accompany you throughout the day and especially during the aperitif for a healthy and delicious moment of sharing Unsalted, my high quality pistachios reveal all their original flavors.

Where does the pistachio come from?

The pistachio is the fruit of the pistachio tree. The pistachio is a drupe. This means that the edible part is housed in a shell, which is in turn housed in a pulp shell. You never see this part, pistachios are always sold with their shell or shelled. Did you know that? Like the hazelnut, the edible part of the pistachio is called "almond".

Nutritional values of the pistachio

The pistachio is an oleaginous dry fruit that is good for your health. Eating 30 g of unsalted pistachios every day provides you with many vitamins and nutrients.

My whole pistachio brings you :

- copper
- vitamin B1, B6, E and K
- iron
- phosphorus
- manganese
- magnesium
- potassium
- zinc
- selenium

Discover the nutritional values of my Premium Pistachio for 100 g. Average content Calories 617 Protein 21,7 g Carbohydrates 18,6 g Fat 47,4 g -saturated 5,52 g -monounsaturated 23,8 g -polyunsaturated 13,5 g -omega-3* 0,3 g Cholesterol 0,0 mg Dietary fiber 10,1 g

Eating pistachios provides a high intake of protein and unsaturated fat. A source of dietary fiber, pistachios have strong antioxidant properties and promote cardiovascular health. Indulge yourself while doing good for your body, that's what I suggest with my whole pistachio.

The sportsmen's corner

Sportsmen and women needa high protein intake, which is what dried fruits offer. If you practice a sport, even if only from time to time, eating pistachios allows you to benefit from a high and favorable energy intake before and during the effort. Pistachios regulate the intestinal transit and help to fight against stress in order to promote the physical and mental well-being of athletes.

Pistachio kernels on your plate

You like the exceptional flavor of pistachios, you can put them everywhere. Naturally, when you think of pistachios, you immediately imagine oriental pastries.

If you want to eat healthily and take advantage of all the virtues of pistachios, I suggest a few ideas of associations:

- homemade energy bars with dates, quinoa, oatmeal, cranberries)
- chicken and pistachio terrine
- pistachio ice cream
- lamb tagine with apricots and pistachio
- chicken wok with oranges and pistachio
- fresh cheese and pistachio toast

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