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Whole Almonds - Premium

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Enjoy unsalted and unroasted Premium almonds of superior quality. Rich in proteins and vitamins, plain almonds are a cocktail of health benefits. I advise you to consume 30 g per day to combine pleasure and well-being.

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Exceptional whole almonds

Are you looking for the best almonds on the market? You are at the right place. I offer you unsalted whole almonds of good size to treat yourself while taking care of your health. Very healthy (consumed of course in reasonable quantities), the almond reveals all its flavors and comes to accompany your moments of nibbling or your meals. This dry oleaginous fruit is simply irresistible, give in to temptation now, your body and your taste buds will thank you.

Where does the almond come from?

The almond is a dry fruit that comes from the almond tree, quite simply. The nut that you know most of the time in its final form is originally contained in a green shell whose shape reminds us of an olive, while its fluffy texture is reminiscent of a peach. Inside this shell, there is a stone that contains the kernel that you are about to taste, the seed known as an almond. Originally from Asia, the almond tree is now mainly cultivated in California where it discovers perfect conditions to blossom and offer you a sun-drenched dry fruit.

The nutritional values of the whole almond

The Premium whole almond that I offer you is a concentrate of benefits.

It is rich in :

- magnesium
- manganese
- copper
- vitamins B1, B2, B3 and E
- phosphorus
- iron
- zinc
- calcium
- potassium
- folate

Average content
Calories 600
Protein 21,4 g
Carbohydrates 8,76 g
Fat 52,5 g
-saturated 3.95 g
-monounsaturated 33.4 g
-polyunsaturated 12.4 g
Dietary fiber 9.9 g

Eating almonds at a rate of 30 g per day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes Regular consumption of whole, unsalted almonds also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, particularly bad cholesterol.

The corner of the sportsmen

Unroasted, unsalted, the Premium almond is presented here in its simplest form to treat you, but not only. This dried fruit is a source of protein (21.4 g per 100 g of fruit) that is particularly appealing to athletes. It helps to maintain muscle mass through a 100% natural diet. Before the effort, in full race or during a match to take again forces, the almond became a snack impossible to circumvent of the most sportsmen among you, that you practise sport occasionally or in a regular way.

Whole almonds on your plate

If almonds are dried fruits that we like to eat at any time of the day for a healthy snack, it is also a delicacy that we often find at the aperitif. However, like many dried fruits, my Premium unsalted almond will perfectly find its place in your original recipes.

From breakfast onwards, almonds have their place. In a vegetable porridge with fresh fruit, you will start the day in the best way.

Then, if at first sight you imagine almonds in a dessert, you should know that they will be perfect to accompany your meals, here are some associations to experiment with:

- in a tomato and zucchini crumble
- in a tagine with meat and onions
- with beef meatballs
- in a goat salad with peppers
- in a salad with radishes, avocado and tomatoes.

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