Vanilla Beans classification

Vanilla Beans classification

classification des gousses de vanille

Vanilla Beans classification.

  • Non-cracked Black Gourmet Vanilla / Bourbon Gold Luxe Vanilla 28% to 35% humidity, David Vanille Maturing Process
    30% to 35% humidity level. The most popular Vanilla amongst my customers. From 1.6% to 2.4% vanillin level.

  • Cracked Black Vanilla Gourmet
    Fully matured, 30% to 38% humidity level. Overlooked because the beans are cracked but it's a great sign of quality.

  • TK Vanilla, 25% to 30% humidity level, non-cracked / Bourbon Gold Matured Vanilla
    From 1.6% to 2.1% vanillin level. Its quality is the ultimate compromise between the EU-US brown vanilla and the Gourmet Vanilla.

  • TK Vanilla, 25% to 30% humidity level, cracked
    Sign of great quality, slightly more matured

  • European type red Vanilla, 20% to 25% humidity level, non-cracked or cracked / Bourbon Gold Matured Vanilla
    Its name is a reference to its aspect (both colour and features). From 1.2% to 2.2% vanillin level. One of my favorite, quality-wise, even though it's more matured. Its aromatic range is more intense than a Black Gourmet Vanilla and less creamy.

  • US type red Vanilla, under 20% level of humidity, non-cracked or cracked.
    From 1.2% to 2.2% vanillin level. Very popular in the industry of aromas, ice cream and flavouring in the US.

  • "Frosted" or Crystallised Vanilla
    When "frosting" happens, it means that the level of vanillin in your bean is so high, it starts oozing, creating small droplets that then transform in flakes that end up giving your bean this "frosted" aspect. It’s a sign of great quality. The longer the bean, the higher the vanillin level. "Frosting" can appear if the quality of the bean is high enough.

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