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With David Vanille, you know, you don' t compromise on quality. Whether it's vanilla, my peppers or my spices and herbs, I always look for the best. From China to Egypt through Iran, Madagascar, Indonesia or Russia, I have discovered little wonders that you will love. As usual, I propose you a gustatory journey. Happiness is often found in simple things. Prepare good dishes with high quality spices and herbs and share your creations with your loved ones. Come and discover the world of spices and herbs.

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Exceptional aromatic power

Spices and herbs are of fundamental importance. They are the ones that sublimate your dish, they are the ones that make the difference between a good and a very good dish. For this, quality must be there so that you can be bewitched by sweet smells and exquisite flavours. Spices and herbs have a fabulous power. Cumin, curry, pepper, ginger, chives, marjoram, each will bring that little extra for a fragrant dish. Each aromatic herb reveals its power and finds its place in your culinary creations. Let me present you some of my findings.

Powdered spices and herbs

Let's start with the powders. Fenugreek powder is an excellent product that I discovered in India. Fenugreek is an aromatic plant whose leaf and seeds can be used. These seeds can be found whole in your dish. I have chosen to offer you the ground version that you can mix with other spices or use on its own in a massaged beef or in citrus desserts. Cayenne pepper powder is no longer available. Its sweet and invigorating taste brings the pep that some people expect in a dish. To make your pizza oil, to make an exotic dish, to embellish your vegetables, chilli pepper finds its place in many of your recipes. The powder of star anise is a small gustatory jewel. I found it in Vietnam and I was immediately seduced by its bewitching perfume and its aniseed taste. The star anise powder comes to flavor your dessert creams and other fruit salads to give them a whole new dimension. Nutmeg powder comes from Indonesia. Extremely fragrant, it will revolutionize your purees and gratins. But its exquisite flavors are also the perfect match for a chocolatey dessert. Finally, Combava powder is a little treasure I found in Madagascar. This country does not only excel in the production of vanilla. Here, we grow combava, this ancient citrus fruit that looks like a lime and brings an incomparable freshness to your dishes. Turmeric powder, clove, cinnamon, difficult to evoke you all my selection as it is so wide.

Spices in various forms

Now let's discover other spices and herbs that should make you succumb. Let's first mention the Tonka Bean from Amazonia. Sweet as vanilla, intense as almond, the Tonka bean can be grated on your sweet and savoury preparations. It goes perfectly with meats, fish, but also with creams and other chocolate desserts. It is truly the little extra that makes all the difference. How can we talk about herbs, spices, herbs, exceptional products, tasty cooking without talking about saffron? This luxury product is simply extraordinary. As a pistil, it reveals all its aromatic power and revolutionizes your fish. Why is saffron so expensive? Quite simply because this spice comes from the crocus and the pistils can only be removed manually if you don't want to alter this exceptional product. Moreover, it takes more than 100,000 flowers to obtain one kilo of saffron.

Crushed chilli pepper

If you like spicy dishes, but not overly spicy, I suggest the crushed Niora chilli pepper. I found it near our house in Spain. At 3 on the Scoville scale, this sweet pepper delicately spices up your dish like an Espelette chilli pepper.

Freeze-dried herbs

I also offer freeze-dried products such as parsley and thyme. Of course, it is always interesting to work on the raw product in the kitchen. But if it's not the season or if you run out of these herbs, you'll be delighted to always have a jar on hand to accompany your preparations. Freeze-drying, if done according to the rules of art, does not betray your product and its quality. Among the musts of my selection, I present you some herbs of Provence. Thyme, oregano, rosemary, savory, how can you imagine a barbecued meat without these flavours from the south? And because I don't like to do like the others and my will is to always offer you different products, I accompany these basil herbs to enhance the taste of these herbs of Provence and give them that little extra that makes all the difference.